If you are concerned about your child having learning, behaviour or communication challenges we have the right services for you!

SMART START is an early intervention program that helps young children catch up with their peers and increases their chances for success in school and daily functioning.

Our specialist teachers and therapists teach functional skills and help children meet developmental milestones through a wide range of learning activities after school. This program is delivered in 10 sessions of 4 hours’ duration and includes a brief developmental assessment, individualized education plans, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy support services in addition to parent/carer guidance and training. To participate in this program your child must be 2 years to 5 years of age.

During early intervention classes our specialists work on:


• Cognitive skills (problem solving, attention)

• Early literacy skills (storytelling and group reading, activities that aim to develop letter knowledge, knowledge of sounds and early phonics, or introductions to different kinds of writing)

• Early math skills (number sense, mathematical games, computer games, pretend activities involving counting, shapes)

• Communication skills (understanding and responding to others, listening, indicating needs and wants)

• Social or emotional skills (cooperative play, turn taking, understanding emotions)

• Self-regulation and coping skills (self-control using stories and modelling, reducing impulsivity)

• Self-help skills (eating, dressing, toileting)

• Sensory processing skills (working with various textures, tastes, sounds, smells)

• Physical skills (gross & fine-motor skills, balance, coordination)


Start date : 1st October 2017

End date   : 7th December 2017

Days          : Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Timings     : 2 pm to 6 pm