Our Curriculum


The curriculum we offer consists of the Brigance Inventory of Early Development III (IED-III) and the Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II (CIBS II) that lay emphasis on the development of exceptional students’ Physical, Communication, Independence and Socialization skills and helpdevelop measurable goals and objectives for IEPs and monitor progress.


Early Years Stage/ Brigance Inventory of Early Development III (IED-III)

The focus of this stage is to determine present level of performance, develop measurable IEP goals and objectives, target instruction, and monitor progress. This easy-to-use tool also includes Comprehensive Skill Sequences, which break down skills into incremental steps, allowing educators to show growth for lower-functioning students.

The criterion-referenced IED III contains more than 100 assessments and covers a broad range of skills to help educators identify each student’s specific strengths and needs. Key skill areas include:

  •    Physical Development (Preambulatory, Gross Motor, and Fine Motor)
  •    Language Development
  •    Literacy
  •    Mathematics and Science
  •    Daily Living
  •    Social-Emotional Development


Academic Skills/ Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II (CIBS II)

The criterion-referenced CIBS II focuses on Reading/ELA Inventory and a Mathematics Inventory CIBS II makes it easy to identify present level of performance for students and provide ongoing assessment for academic skills up to grade 9 levels.

The CIBS II Reading/English Language Arts (ELA) Inventory includes reading and writing assessments that correlate to commonly tested reading and ELA skills and strategies that reflect state and national standards.


Reading/ELA skills assessed:

  •    Readiness
  •    Speech
  •    Listening vocabulary and comprehension
  •    Word recognition
  •    Oral reading
  •    Reading vocabulary and comprehension
  •       Word analysis
  •       Functional word recognition
  •       Spelling
  •       Writing
  •       Response to writing prompts


Math skills assessed:

  •    Number and operations
  •    Algebra
  •    Geometry
  •     Measurement
  •     Data analysis and probability