Buddy Club

Buddy Club ( Social Skills Group )

Does your child struggle to make friends? Does he/she have trouble being a part of group activities? Does he/she have difficulty keeping friends? If you feel any of these struggles to be a part of your child’s daily routine, then he/she will benefit from participating in our Buddy Club.

Buddy Club is a Social Skills group for children from 3 to 18 years. It is a 10 weeks program addressing various social interaction, communication and behaviour challenges. Buddy Club groups comprise of 3-6 children with similar functional abilities. These groups meet once a week and work on the areas of needs (such as sharing, turn taking, inviting peers to play, being a good sport etc) as decided by the preliminary assessment sessions.

Each session begins with a welcome song, moving to warm up activities followed by a new concept for each week, and finally a cool down time where we review what is learnt and end our session. A progress report is prepared at the end of the program which is shared with parents.

To enrol your child for Buddy Club you can contact us at info@stepbystepqatar.com or call us 44757625