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Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapists administer tests and examinations and observe children to diagnose and evaluate speech, voice, language and cognitive-linguistic disorders. They develop, plan and implement remedial programs, establish group and


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at Step By Step Centre specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, sensory-motor deficits,

ABA ( Applied behaviour Analysis )

Step by Step Center provides additional behaviour therapy services that are founded on evidence based practices. 


If you are concerned about your child having learning, behaviour or communication challenges we have the right services for you!

Buddy Club ( Social Skills Group )

Does your child struggle to make friends? Does he/she have trouble being a part of group activities? Does he/she have difficulty keeping friends? If you feel any of these struggles to be a part of your child’s daily routine, then he/she


Summer School

Summer School (July & August)

We are pleased to invite you to register your child to our Summer School Program (optional), scheduled from July 1st , Sunday, 2017 until August 30th


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"Enrolling my son in centre has been a blessing, day by day we see improvement and we are thankful that my child is surrounded by such a proffesional team or i may say a family who gives the care, love and education unconditionally"                                                                                                                                              - Ms.Joelle lahlouh



Heroes of Step by Step Centre


Stars Of Science: Smart Autism Shirt

Step by Step is in collaboration with a Qatar Foundation initiative called "Stars of Science" TV program that aims to support innovators.

A Smart Autism shirt is being developed to benefit the parents and caretakers.


Graduation Ceremony For Cooking Classes - Banana Island

In collaboration with Banana Island Resort, Anantara, our students participated in a six-month Culinary Training Program as part of the community social responsibility that included cooking, baking, handling reception, customer handling and various other organizational skills.
A Graduation Ceremony was organized at the Banana Island Resort on the 15th October 2017. Parents of the participants also accompanied them for the big day.
We would like to thank the entire team of Banana Island Resort, Anantara, especially Mr. Thomas Fehlbier, General Manager of Banana Island Resort for their continuous support and initiating this valuable program for our students.